Dr Roy’s clinic, led under the leadership of Dr Narayan Roy, is a well-recognized Ayurvedic clinic where you will be treated by the finest Ayurvedic doctor in Kolkata. We have been providing our patients with the best Ayurvedic treatment and remedies when it comes to treating every type of sexual problems.  As we know, various sexual problems & sexual disorders both in men and women are increasing in an alarming rate in recent times. But, you need not worry if you are affected by such problems. Consult with us today and get the most effective Ayurvedic medications to get a cure to these sexual issues from the root.



We appoint the best sexologists who are well-known Ayurvedic medicinal practitioner in Kolkata. We have the best team of Ayurvedic doctor in Kolkata to provide you with the ultimate solution to your sexual problems. So, from now don’t hesitate and suffer in case you got any sexual issues. Consult with us and book your appointment with the best and popular sexologists at Dr. Roy’s Clinic. When a patient suffers from any sexual problems or any sexual disorders and needs to find a proper solution and remedy, we are there to meet their hopes to be cured and help them to lead a healthy, loving relationship with their partners.  Once our expert sexologist diagnoses and understands a patient’s problem, he/she may suggest a course of Ayurvedic medicinal herbs that could be for consumption or the expert may recommend the medicines for topical application such as Ayurvedic oil and lotions.



Besides, the Ayurvedic doctor may also suggest a number of immunity-boosting medicines such as Neem capsules or Ashwashila capsules. We have availed all kind of herbal medications in our clinic to provide you with the best treatment. You need not to panic concerning your sexual problems anymore. Your search for the best Ayurvedic clinic in Kolkata ends here at Dr Roy’s clinic, Kolkata’s best Ayurvedic Sexology clinic.

A Brief History of Ayurveda:

Ayurveda is a Sanskrit word which has been derived from two root words. One is ‘Ayuh’ which means ‘life’ and another one is ‘Veda’ which means knowledge and knowledge arranged systematically with logic became science. Hence, over the time ‘Ayurveda’ has become “The Science of Life”.  Ayurvedic knowledge had been originated in India more than five thousand years ago and is often called “The Mother of All Healing”. Now, Ayurveda is considered as the oldest healing science across the globe. Ayurvedic medicine is highly respected by the government of India and offered in treatment centres and hospitals around the country.



The Approach of Ayurvedic Treatment:

Ayurvedic treatment is a holistic traditional approach of healing and it recommends a way of living that can help us to claim and celebrate our capacity for wellness. In other words, Ayurvedic treatment does not imply just taking a herbal formula and waiting for the results. Instead of it, Ayurvedic treatment encourages people to be an active participant in their own journey towards healing. The principles of many of the natural healing systems now familiar in the West have their roots in Ayurveda. There are ample health benefits of Ayurvedic Treatment and medicines. Ayurvedic treatment includes Yoga (asanas), herbal medicines, herbal or Ayurvedic products to lead and maintain a healthy and elegant life with less pain and zero side effects.

Ayurvedic Treatment for Sexual Problems & Disorders:

We have already provided a brief discussion on Ayurvedic treatment facilitated by Dr Roy’s clinic, where you can consult with the best Ayurvedic doctor in Kolkata. In this section, we will elaborate on the benefits of having Ayurvedic treatment to cure sexual problems in both male and female. Because of leading a modern, fast and competitive life, nowadays we hardly able to pay attention to our health and body issues. When it comes to any sexual problems and sexual disorders, most of the people find it difficult to open up or hesitate to share their health issues due to some taboo in our society concerning sex and sexual disorders. In such cases, the affected people should seek medical help and may also opt for conventional medication. But, what will be the best for them is to find an Ayurvedic clinic to get a fruitful and side-effect free Ayurvedic treatment. Because, as a better alternative, as experienced by a lot of people is to opt for Ayurvedic medicines and treatments.

Ayurveda majorly uses the body systems, dietary habits and breathing techniques to find the treatment for health problems and it has been proved that Sexual disorders or problems are easily cured and controlled with the help of Ayurvedic treatments. Day by day, more and more people in modern times have started understanding the importance of natural remedies and methods of treatment for a healthier future and that is how Ayurveda has gained its popularity. To cure sexual disorders and problems from the root, the Ayurvedic medicinal expert or Ayurvedic doctor may suggest a host of medicinal herbs that can be for consumption and or they may suggest medicines for topical application.

We engage the best Ayurvedic medicinal practitioner for treating all kind of sexual problems and sexual disorders observed in male and female. Dr Roy’s clinic since its inception is recognized as the most popular Ayurvedic clinic in Kolkata for bringing fruitful treatment for any kind of sexual problems and sexual disorders. Don’t be late. Call us today to book an appointment.