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22 Jan

5 Best Possible Ways to Lose Fat Quickly


There is no need to define the term “Obesity” because we all have heard about it and many among us are suffering from it. It’s like Obesity has become a global phenomenon. Whom are we going to blame? Modern lifestyle? Or, Ourselves? Actually, maximum people don’t understand what to do, which medications or tips to follow to beat obesity.  They are just following tips after tips, visiting from one gym to another gym but nothing is helping. At end of the day, they are becoming frustrated and depressed and ending up with eating more junk foods.


So what to do? Are there any magic tricks to cut those unwanted layers of fat from your body? Well, No. All you have to is to be very goal oriented and above all, you need a mental preparation that you have to lose weight by a proper and healthy method. We will discuss ten scientific ways but first, let’s look at the reasons behind having obesity.


Now, being obese or excessive fat is not always about eating unhealthy or, not doing exercises. There can be other cause too. Try to detect with us. Here are eight types of obesities observed in men and especially in women:


  1. Obesity As a Genetic disorder
  2. Obesity Due to Thyroid Problem
  3. Obesity Due to Depression
  4. Obesity Due to Body Tendency
  5. Obesity After Pregnancy
  6. Obesity Due to Unhealthy Eating
  7. Obesity Due to Lack of Physical Movements
  8. Obesity Because You Are A Binge Eater


So, which case can be yours? Find out that at first.  Then start the plan with us.


 So, here is a million dollar question how to beat obesity? You also should know that obesity or being abnormally fat can be the reason behind many dreadful diseases like several cardiac diseases even heart attack, stroke, decreasing lung capacity, PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome) in women, arthritis and many more. We are going to recommend and virtually prescribing five effective and scientifically proven ways to cut off all those extra effective fats.


  1. Do Proper Diet Plan: We will provide you with some customized diet plan based on several types of obesity. All we want to suggest you not to go for any random diet plan without having understood that what kind of diet plan you actually need with respect to your problem. We help you to figure out here. A Generic Diet Plan for the patients who are suffering from thyroid issues, PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome), high cholesterol level, low BMI rate (Basic Metabolic Rate)   and other types of chronic & fattening diseases.



  • Avoid Chocolates, chips, cold drinks, sugar, processed food, fried food etc. Then don’t do binge eating.
  • Start your day with detoxification. Don’t let toxic components to be stored in your body. Take a glass of Luke warm water, add 4tbsp lemon juice, and add 1tbsp of honey. Continue this up to two-three months and refresh your life.
  • Try to eat fiber, boiled veggies, very less oil ( try to use edible olive oil), make salads with cucumber, tomato & carrots, don’t skip breakfast, have a healthy breakfast with egg whites, brown bread r salads. Try to avoid excess amount of rice during lunch. Have boiled chicken breast or smoked fish. Add Pulses and a Chapati/Roti. Have curd after your lunch.
  • Make a habit of early dinner within 9 pm. It helps you to increase basic metabolic rate which makes your body less fat absorber and enhance the weight loss process. Don’t eat rice/ more than two chapatis at dinner. Instead of this increase the quantity and number of veggies, salad or have soup to mend up your appetite. Following a protein-based, low carbohydrate diet is fruitful for all type of obesities.
  • Don’t stay at an empty stomach for a long time. Schedule your mealtime with maximum 5-6 hours of a gap.


  1. Plan Your Day, Take Time Out for Exercise: We all are a victim of a super busy life at some point. But still, if we make up our mind and have the urge to lead a healthy and happy life. Along with a healthy diet plan, you will require doing exercises daily at least for an hour day. Think about the time you waste on scrolling Facebook on your mobile and sitting lazily on your couch for hours. Utilize that time. Maybe after office, school or college, you can go for an exercise session at home or nearby park. If you go for common arm & leg stretching, jogging on a regular basis you will get a visible change in your body. It’s you who can train your body towards a positive change.


  1. Go for Yoga: Yoga is a scientifically proven method to treat obesity and many chronic disorders. We are recommending some effective posture to practice at home for reducing extra kilos.



  • Surya Namaskara/ Sun Salutation: Best time to do this is in the morning. This will increase your BMR, cut your belly fat and tone your arms.
  • Bow Pose/Dhanurasana: Helps you to strengthen your back, waist, chest, and thigh. It also improves your digestion
  • Bridge Pose/ Setu Bandha Sarvangasana: Slow and steady remedy for thyroid, glute and weight loss.
  • Triangle or Trikonasana: Helps you to weight loss, you can burn more fat and bring more muscle.
  • Plank Pose: Helps you to build a strong core, toned abs and arms.
  • Warrior Pose (Virabhadrasana): It tones your arms and legs and enhances your energy to lose weight.


  1. Visit a Doctor if These Three Pieces of Advice don’t help: after doing a systematic diet, regular exercises and Yoga, you are still not seeing any visible progress you should consult a physician and consider getting a weight loss trainer.
  2. Be Rigid Minded, Think about the Perks of being in Shape: Getting back in proper shape and size has a lot of benefits. It increases your confidence; it decreases the chances of having dreadful diseases due to excessive body fat. For the sake of your well being and a sound life pull your socks up, start your weight loss plan today.


You won’t get anything without paying attention, time and effort. Beating obesity is a long term plan and goal-oriented thing. So, don’t let this silent killer harm your life anymore. Start giving effort from today.