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13 Feb

5 Effective Ways to Improve Sexual Performance in Men


If you have any doubts concerning your sexual performance whether it’s not up to your partner’s satisfaction level or, you are questioning yourself, you should think about it on a serious note. Having a bad time with your partner when it comes to sexual intimacy, you are not alone. There are so men are having a rough phase in their sex life. An underperformance during sexual intercourse is enough to ruin your partner’s mood as well as it does hamper your sex life. Isn’t it? Don’t worry; this is one of the common concerns of the millennial.


Do you want to be really long-lasting on the bed? Or, perhaps you’re thinking about what to do to enhance your performance. You can get a lot of sexual performance enhancement pills but, deep down you know they are not that effective and have a lot of side-effects.


We are going to advise you some out of the box natural and completely side effect free remedies for which you don’t need to spend a lot. All our recommended remedies are effective and steady and if you follow these you’re going to realize the changes very soon.


We will suggest 5 effective ways to enhance sexual performance in bed.


  • Stay  Physically Active:


Not enormous or hardcore physical activities but if you can take out time for a maximum 30 minutes a day to go for cardio, swimming or running it could be helpful and remedial for an uplifted libido. Staying physically active can enhance the hormones such a way that it can help you get a high sex drive. High sex drive or libido is also about having a healthy heart and healthy physique. So, keep doing exercise, yoga or any kind of calorie burning exercise that will automatically improve your sexual performance provided if you don’t possess any sexual disorder.


  • Include These Specific  Food-items in Your Diet:


To bring realizable improvement when it comes to sexual performance, you should always maintain a proper diet plan. We are recommending some particular food items for your diet plan:


  1. Eggs: effective for balancing hormone levels, helps with a good erectile function.
  2. Food that Contains Vitamin B-1: pork, peanuts, and kidney beans contain a high amount of vitamin B-1 that enhance the process of sexual signals from your brain to genital organs.
  3. Food that Contains Omega 3 Fatty Acid: salmon, tuna, avocados, olive oil, all these three items contain sufficient omega 3 fatty acid you require for a healthy blood-flow which enhance the blood-flow. A healthy and obstacles free blood flow will help you possess high drive resulting improvement in performance.
  4. Onions and Garlic: These two items cannot be good for your breath but can capable of helping an obstacle-free blood-circulation in your body which is a must for high libido.
  5. Chilies and Pepper:  help to reduce blood pressure and inflammation and responsible for good blood flow.
  6. Bananas:  this fruit contains high potassium that helps to reduce blood-pressure and keeps your sexual parts active along with boosting your sexual performance.


  • Stress-Managements:


How much we talk about exercises, good diet or any remedies if you possess any mental or psychological stress related to your work-life or personal life you won’t ever be able to achieve high sex drive. Rather you may suffer from low libido.


A man with high-stress level can suffer from several diseases like high blood pressure level, hypertension, bipolar disorder, diurnal mood-variations etc. All these will create unwanted obstacles when it comes to please your partner in terms of delivering sexual satisfaction.  


Hence, it is very important to go for a stress-management session if you have any. Take help from a psychiatrist and open up about your personal problems.


Stress and psychological issues can’t lead you to have quality time with your partner and in an obvious way, it decreases your sex drive so does your performance.  


  • Quit Bad Habits:


In terms of bad habits, we mean being a chain-smoker or, being addicted to alcohol.  Quitting or, reducing consumption of these two things will help you have a healthy and sound sexual life.


Although, some recent studies are predicting that red wine can trigger a good blood circulation. But, we won’t suggest you have an excessive amount of any forms of alcohol. Besides, alcohol consumption smoking can lead you towards impotency. So, if you want to have a happy intimate relationship with your partner, reduce consuming alcohol or avoid smoking. If you can stop, you will be benefitted the most.


Replace your bad habits with a bunch of good habits like exercising, eating well which can boost your sex life as well as sexual health.


  • Paying Attention towards your partner:


Apart from all the above mentioned necessary changes and therapies the last and one of the most important remedies refers to paying proper attention to your partner. A healthy mental bonding is a must for an intimate relationship. If you cannot bond with your partner you won’t be able to establish a satisfactory sexual relationship with her.  

Apart from all these easy go remedies, if you are suffering from any kind of sexual dysfunction, you should call for medical help i.e. consultation with a sexologist for fast and proper treatment and improvement.