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15 Nov

5 Reasons and solution of premature ejaculation Treatment


Premature ejaculation or PE is curable. All one needs is the proper intake of medicine and a therapeutic guideline to follow. Premature ejaculation treatment in Kolkata can help the patients immensely in this regard. Normally, it takes four to five minutes to ejaculate during an intercourse. But those who develop PE ejaculate within thirty to sixty seconds. Some may develop the same even before an erection.


1. Psychological Reasons behind Premature Ejaculation


The absolute reasons behind PE are still not clear. But those who offer premature ejaculation treatment in Kolkata opine that psychological reasons are the culprits that support PE to develop. Anxiety, guilt, fear from the past, stress and much more can be named to be the reasons behind one’s premature ejaculation problem.


2. Physical Reasons behind Premature Ejaculation


Those who go through the problem of erectile dysfunction, often feel challenged by premature ejaculation. People, who do not get involved in sexual activities frequently, also develop the very problem. Apart from these, men who have very sensitive genital skin and extreme kind of arousal, experience premature ejaculation.


3. Treatments of Premature Ejaculation


The specialists who offer premature ejaculation treatment in Kolkata offers simple tips to patients so that they can overcome the problem easily.


4. Talk with Your Partner


To avoid embarrassment, many people tend to hide the sexual disorder from their partner. It certainly is not the way-out at all. A patient must discuss the problem with his partner. This will make him feel free and enhance his confidence to move further to avail the right kind of treatment.


5. Do the Right Exercises


According to the experts, exercising can strengthen a patient’s pelvic muscle and that way, he can keep premature ejaculation at bay. The pelvic muscles of older men become weak and that’s why they face the said problem strongly. Younger men can do exercise to take control of their ejaculation.


Discuss with a Therapist


The expert providers of premature ejaculation treatment in Kolkata are the best people to talk to. They can treat each of their patients with great care and techniques according to their age and their needs in a rational way.


Premature ejaculation is one of the most common health issues that men come across. The issue not only causes a physical problem but it also makes the patients hesitant about themselves. The issue makes one anxious about his image and also makes him depressed and lethargic mentally. Proper and timely treatment can let one have a complete cure for the same.