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22 Feb

Top 8 foods to control Premature Ejaculation

Premature ejaculation is occurred in men due to various reasons leading to dissatisfaction with love life. Though it is directly linked with the age of the men may also be caused due to various health-related and hormone related issues.

Long-term medication for various other diseases, stressful life, depression, workload, lack of nutrition and some nervous issues may lead to this condition. Dealing this problem with medication is common but treating it naturally with the protein, vitamins and nutritious foods are the best choice for the cure without side effects.
   Here we enlisted top eight foods which can boost your energy and cure premature ejaculation…..

1. Dark chocolate

Dark chocolate is known for its benefits in energizing the body and naturally treating the ejaculation trouble. Dark chocolates are rich sources of anandamide which plays a crucial part in releasing the male hormone as well as in blood circulation to the sensual organs. And the L-Arginine Hcl and phenylethylamines acts as pleasure center to the brain and helps in releasing key component dopamine to the body to feel complete satisfaction in the love making.cherries

2. Cherries

Winter cherries are known for its aphrodisiac properties and are used since centuries in treating the premature ejaculation issues. Cherries are the best brain stabilizers and help the body to relax from stress and depressions during the intercourse. This naturally stimulates the body’s blood circulation and maintains the emotional balance during the process and treating naturally the PE.[divider]eggs

3. Eggs

Eggs are the great sources of the three vital components to treat the sensual hormones and provide the energy blast to the body. The protein, minerals and Vitamin D contents are the crucial aspects for the boosting up of the bodily energy and improving blood circulation to all the parts of the body. Consumption of boiled eggs on regular basis body gets the required testosterone which naturally treats the premature ejaculation (PE).

4. Garlic and Onions

Garlic and Onions are known for its best benefits for the hormonal balance and blood circulation to the body. The allicin of garlic and onions are the vital component in boosting the energy and increasing the drive in the men. It is best in stimulating the blood circulation to the sensual parts and naturally treats infertility and PE problems.

5. Asparagus

Asparagus is the power green veggie in serving with the hormonal related and PE-related issues. Asparagus is a great source of vitamins, minerals and amino acids which are effective in boosting the sex drive and treating the ejaculation related issues. Especially the Vitamin E content of asparagus associating with the other proteins and flavonoids plays the key role in testosterone release, function, and balance.

6. Carrots

Carrots are the powerhouses of energy, vitamins, and flavonoids in treating simple to chronic issues of the body. The carotenoids and flavonoids of carrots with a pack of vitamins serve as a booster to the body and also strengthen the muscles of the male organs. The blood circulation and its relaxation is the key part in ejaculation process and the components of carrots help in maintaining the process for the long time to get full satisfaction.

7. Brown Rice

Brown rice is very famous for its best energy sources compared with white rice and is also effective in treating sexual issues. Brown rice is high potential energy source which yields 2000 calories associating with mineral, vitamins and other components with a small serving. It is the best alternative for the hormonal imbalances and stimulates the serotonin levels in the body naturally comparing with the drugs/medicines giving a similar effect to treat PE.

8. Avocados

Avocados are the wonderful fruit with rich vitamin and mineral sources referring to a great deal of energy to the body. Various vitamins including B, C, and K helps to regulate the blood supply to the penis and naturally treat the premature ejaculation. And the proteins and fibers of this fruit serve as a natural booster for the sensation and satisfaction in the lovemaking process.