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24 Mar

Top Health Tips for curing Premature Ejaculation

Premature or early ejaculation is the drastic problem increasing day by day in one of the 40 men plaguing millions worldwide.

Various reasons may trigger the trouble including medical conditions and psychological conditions leave the love life with dissatisfaction, embarrassment, and guilt. Treating the medical conditions with clinical help is easy compared with the psychological issues where the treatment is difficult and slow.
Here are some tips to control the premature ejaculation and cure just READ and FOLLOW….

1. Wear Condom

Sounds silly but is very effective to treat early ejaculation in men as it reduces the stimulation in most of the men and prolongs the time duration. And especially some condoms with benzocaine gives the prominent results as its anesthetic properties give some numbing effect and bring more time to the ejaculation process. Results may vary from one to one but climax control can be achieved with these condoms and can have extended lovemaking may increase to more than five minutes.

2.  Stop technique

This is a technique to reduce the early ejaculation which comes with some solo exercise of a male. Whenever male feels to get orgasm immediately need to stop and relax for few seconds and can also use a squeezing technique to stop orgasm. By relaxing or distracting for few seconds can restart the process this gives the longer time hold and also helps both the partners to satisfy at the same time.

3. Use Cream or Spray

Using some numbing creams or sprays also gives the required results but need to select the products without any side effects. This creams or sprays are meant for feeling less sensation which naturally delays the ejaculation. But some cases the partner also feels the numbness which may affect your satisfaction levels. Choose those latest products which only numb the outer skin of the male organs by quick absorption and reduces the transference to the partners.

4. Try Passive

 Changing positions is another option for treating early ejaculation without any use of chemicals or sprays causing side effects. Take passive positions instead of active and motivate your female partner to take the active part. Trying some different position like spooning positions or others may also give prominent results. But the partners' support is very much needed for this technique success rate.

5. Go Slow

Over anxiety is the major cause of the ejaculation troubles and taking it slow is the best tip to treat the same. Slowing the movements and opting for gentler and more teasing lovemaking helps the time delay to orgasm point. When you feel close to orgasm point then slow down the movements and take few deep breaths and distract the mind for few seconds or change the position helps to get rid of the trouble.

6. Try Tantra

Tantra is a spiritual and energetic exercise to gain more satisfaction in sexual life. Follow the exercises suggested by experts to get the secret path to endless orgasms and extended lovemaking sessions with the partner. This tantra concentrates on the intimate connection between orgasm and choosing the relaxation techniques. This helps in preventing the high energy explosion of the partner and also helps in felling the warmth of sexual life for longer movements.

7. Medicinal methods

Though medication or using drugs for premature ejaculation is advised only in biological conditions and for others need to concentrate on the other tips than depending on drugs. Proper medical examinations and prescribed medicinal usage are always advisable for those people chosen for drug path to treat early ejaculation. There are various homes to ayurvedic drugs available now to treat the trouble and choosing the more natural medicinal methods is advisable for chemicals instead.

Here are the few tips to get rid of the early ejaculation problem and making the LOVE life LOVELIER……