Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but this is at best difficult (closer to impossible) and in almost all cases unneeded. Certain positions can make you feel bigger to your partner. For example, if you have her lie face-down on the bed and enter her from behind—like this—it will create a snug fit, which makes you feel larger to her. You can also accentuate what you’re working with by keeping your pubes trimmed. (Trust me, she’ll appreciate it for more reasons than one!) Plus, hitting the gym and eating clean will give you a fit, flat core—another way to diminish distraction around your prized possession.
It depends on the woman. According to research in The Journal of Sexual Medicine, one-third of women who frequently have vaginal orgasms claim they’re more likely to get off when the man is well endowed. But here’s the thing: Plenty of women cannot climax through penetrative sex alone. That means you should focus less on how big your package is, and more on your overall performance. Women want a lover who is interested in exploring her body—someone who wants to learn exactly how to suck, kiss, lick, tug, scratch, and rub her the way she likes. So quit worrying about what’s hanging between your thighs, and focus on having fun.
If you’re in search of tips and tricks to stave off the grand finale, check out this article I wrote on three ways to last longer in the sack. But if you want my honest opinion on the topic, then I recommend ignoring the clock. Similar to penis length, duration of sex is just another overrated marker of masculinity. Perceptions often get skewed when men and women draw unrealistic parallels between porn and “real-life” sex. So while you may feel pressured to last for hours on end, she’s not expecting it. In fact, according to a survey of sex therapists, the “ideal” time for penetration is between 3 and 13 minutes. So again, worry less, and enjoy more.
Don’t take it personally—certain women just don’t like the taste. Sure, some will really enjoy it and view it as a sort of bonding experience. But I know plenty of women who just don’t have the stomach for it—literally. From your perspective, it may seem sexy—or simply the easiest solution for a quick cleanup. But if she finds it unappetizing, tossing your load back just to make you happy will only make her like the act less. (You know what that means: fewer BJs.) If your current girlfriend isn’t into it, just let it be. She’s the one doing the work. Let her decide what to do with the aftermath.
Let me preface this by first saying that exploration is a two-way street, so if you’re not going out of your way to romance your wife, it makes sense that things have become stagnant. (From my POV, it seems difficult to “act adventurous” when you don’t feel desired by your partner.) If you want to show her that you’re just as committed to spicing things up, buy something crazy online—like a vibrator, blindfold, or handcuffs. Not into toys? Pick up a copy of the Kama Sutra and start working your way through. The goal here is simple: Step outside your normal routine to try new things. I guarantee she’ll follow suit.